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Claas Lexion 700 STAGE IV Pack v1.3 for FS 17

22 February 2017 admin 1 014 0
Tested version:
1.4.0, 1.4.2
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Description about Claas Lexion 700 STAGE IV Pack v1.3 for FS 17:

Claas Lexion 700 STAGE IV Pack v1.2 for Farming Simulator 17 game.


Version 1.3
- Skin slightly reworked and matched green tone
- New 1.60m instead of 1.50m high tires for Lexion 770 and 780
- The camber is locked when turning
- The size, angle and position of the flaps of all grain tanks are reworked again
- Lexion 740 to 760 can now also add the auxiliary headlights
- Rape knives are now mounted / removed in the shop, as well as rapeseed
- with mounted rapeseeders, the SW is not lowered so much
- Adjust the angle of the pipe by mouse
- Drescher is now a little faster dirty
- various minor corrections
- New round luminaires
- Crawlers are now more dynamic and adapt to the ground


Version 1.2
- Farmer now has the right hand on the steering wheel
- retraction animation of the Vario cutters again somewhat adapted
- all vario cutters have in the shop now the selection between long and short stalk dividers
- Resolved log errors from the Claas Conspeed
- Log error from IC control fixed ??? (Since it does not occur with me I simply times the scripts exchanged and hope the best)

When requirements and practical experience are combined with the latest findings from research, a machine is created that is completely convincing. We have been able to provide you with a combine harvester that is precisely tailored to your needs. The new LEXION.

Hi folks, here I introduce you our CLAAS Lexion 700 Stage lV series. You have had to wait a long time, but now it is time to drive a Lexion in LS17, which lives up to its name!

The pack contains:
Lexion 700 series divided into 4 grain tank sizesLexion 700 SMAL (10000 liter, Lexion 740/750)
?Lexion 700 MIDDLE (11000 liters, Lexion 750/760)
?Lexion 700 BIG (12800 liters, Lexion 770/780)
?Lexion 700 VERY BIG (13500 liter, Lexion 770/780)
Vario 750, 900, 1050, 1230 !!

TAM Iguana QUATTRO 24, 30, 35, 40

All standard functions
Completely revised Ingaming
Shop description and shop pictures on standard machines Nevou
Mechanically driven radial distributor with swivel animation when distributing
New high-resolution lettering
Many new and reworked parts, as well as texture defects corrected
Motor options Lexion 740-780
The Lexion 740-760 can be selected with a spreader or radial distributor
In the shop selectable sampling tubes of 6 sizes from L to 7XL, thus Controlled Trafic is possible!
In the shop at Lexion 770/780 selectable auxiliary lights at cabin left and right
IC control for many parts (windscreen wiper, cabin light, engine covers, door)
Illuminated monitors
Indications for speed, speed and time
For cutting units selectable with 1 or 2 LAISER PILOTS
Automatically exiting rapeseed
Automatic swing-out stalk divider and LAISER PILOTS
Abbunkerrohr in the extended state by the mouse still a little tiltable
Abbunkerrohr folds as in genuine 101 ° out for perfect view from the inside during shading!
Pendulum axis
Selectable wheel or TERRA TRAC version 30km / h (Lexion 750 and 760 also as 40 km / h TT version!)
 Cutters can be purchased as 25 or 40 km / h version
LS17 Lights Installed
No log errors known
Cab lighting switchable by IC
Corn tank lighting
Coil adjustable by mouse
Various animated parts (knife bars, rotors, ..)

Combinations for Controlled Traffic:
Vario 750 - Large Pipe, XL Pipe, XXL Pipe
Vario 900 - 3XL Pipe
Vario 1050 - 4XL Pipe
Vario 1230 - 7XL Pipe
Questions and suggestions for improvement please in the comments and not by PN. Otherwise, I wish you much fun and joy with the mod !!! ;)

This mod may not be re-uploaded on other sites or offered for download without my permission !!!
It may not be changed without my permission to download!


Tested on game version 1.4.0, 1.4.2

Gameplay Video #1 Gameplay Video #2 Trailer FS 17

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