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Combine John Deere 8000 Series Beast Pack v4.0 (Final Version) for FS 17

17 July 2018 admin 550 0
Tested version:
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Category - Combines FS 17
Version - 1.5.x
Credits: - Most Sinister, Marthu
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Description about Combine John Deere 8000 Series Beast Pack v4.0 (Final Version) for FS 17:

Combine John Deere 8000 Series Beast Pack v4.0 (Final Version) for Farming Simulator 17 game.

Hello MH Comunnity! :) I'm proud to present you my totally new John Deere 8000 Series forage harvester in farming simulator 2017.
It has been reprogrammed, it all took a lot of hours with pack of cutters inside.
All working on basic script including nice washable, indicators inside, lightning and more...
During tests No Log Errors has been detected! Fehler frei!


Pack includes:
8300i Power: 455 ps Price: 260.000
8600i Power: 582 ps Price: 315.000
8800i Power: 755 ps Price: 350.000
John Deere Cutter 686 Width: 6m (recommended for 8300i and 8600i)
John Deere Kemper 390 Width: 9m (recommended for 8800i)
Zürn Profi Cut 620 Width: 6.2m
John Deere PickUp 659


Features combine:

- the choice of Power engine: 455, 582, 755 HP

- Lighting
- Speedometer and tahometer
- IC Control
- Mirrors

- Work light, turn signals

- Moving parts in work

- The dust and traces of wheels
- Dirt / Washable

- detailed model

Change list for V4.0 Final Beast:
- Improved texture, color, shine and dirt
- New Michelin tires -> 3 types of tires (Michelin, Michelin XL, Michelin XM)
- New track configurations with Michelin tires
- Dynamic hose added (Dynamic Hose)
- Flags on the IC button
- New design configuration (Agravis)
- Registration configuration
- Improved steering
- Improved engine performance
- Better corn animation
- Update sounds
- New RDA system
- New real exhaust system
- IC animation changes
- The descriptions of the IC animation function have been corrected
- Visual improvement of the lights
- Changes to all reapers -> textures, attachment points and rotations
- Better optimization for multiplayer.
- And a few others that I do not remember ...


Changes in v3.0 (Final Version):

– For better optimization, there is no mess in zip file
– Many texture changes
– All engine versions available (From 8100i to 8800i)
– Engine decals are fixed!
– New fixed engine power, up to 843 HP!
– Added Crawler Configuration: 600DT Deluxe Tracks and 36inch Tracks
– Added front Twin Wheels
– Back rims Corrected
– All JD PickUp Versions to choose: 639, 649, 659
– Added Dynamic Exhaust
– Threshing Sound Update
– New Joystick Script
– New IC Buttons
– Fron Warning on IC Buttons
– RDA in wheels on IC Buttons
– Added Passenger Script
– All cutters have corrected attacher
– Pipe changes
– Cab scale changes
– New store pictures, price and many other.


Version 2.0:
* Fixed engine torque (now real power)
* Added new model 8100i (smallest 340 hp)
* Joystick Animation
* Interactive Control (IC)
* Animated Doors, Steering Wheel Column, Folding mirrors (IC)
* Added new set of tires
* Added pipe lights
* Added Fuel Indicator (Hours and Hectare counter is on the right screen)
* Programmed Zurn Trailer
* Fixed chaff animation
* Fixed attacher rotations in all cutters. Now you can lift JD grass Pickup 


Tested on game version 1.5.x

Gameplay Video #1 Gameplay Video #2 Gameplay Video #3 Trailer FS 17

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