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Farming Simulator 17 – New Crops

19 August 2016 admin 963 0
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Hey there farmers!As we get ever closer to the release of Farming Simulator 17, we’re unveiling the game’s exciting new features in this series of dev blogs. Last time, we talked about the new environments – now, we’d like to go over the new crops you’ll be growing, harvesting and selling in this upcoming instalment!For those new to the series, you make money with crops by growing plants and delivering the harvest to an unloading station. The prices of the different types of grains constantly change - stations don’t all accept the same ones and pay different prices.Farming Simulator 17 introduces a wealth of new crops and trees for harvesting. Some of which we’ll go over in this dev blog!

Brighten up your farm with a crop of sunflowers! These iconic plants make an appearance in Farming Simulator 17, offering more options for farmers looking to make their money in the fields.Unique to sunflowers, their colorful heads follow the sun’s movements across the sky. In order to harvest sunflowers, you’ll need to use unique headers all-new to Farming Simulator 17!

Thanks to incredible demand from our US players, we’ve added Soybeans to Farming Simulator 17! Soybeans originated in Southeast Asia, but were introduced to Georgia in 1765. Today, they are a classic American crop, widely produced across thirty-one states!

Poplars fall somewhere between forestry and crops. You can harvest poplars with the help of a forage harvester and special header in conjunction with a trailer, in order to obtain a plethora of woodchips.These woodchips can then be converted into energy, by transporting them to the McLean Biogas biomass heating plant in Goldcrest Valley.

Oilseed Radishes
Oilseed radish is a special crop, as you don’t harvest it at the end of its cycle. Instead, you dig it in. Once the plants are visible, use a cultivator on the field in order to utilize it as a green manure crop.This offers an alternate way for you to fertilize the field, increasing the next yield by 30%!
Thanks for reading the third in our series of Farming Simulator 17 dev blogs - look out for more posts soon, where we’ll go over even more of the exciting features you can look forward to!Farming Simulator 17 comes out October 25, 2016, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Farming Simulator 17 – New Crops Farming Simulator 17 – New Crops 

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