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Kuhn FC313F / FC883 v1.1.for Fs17

11 February 2017 Traktorist 670 0
Tested version:
1.3.1, 1.4.0
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Version - 1.3.1, 1.4.0
Credits: - Xtra987
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Description about Kuhn FC313F / FC883 v1.1.for Fs17:

Kuhn FC313F / FC883 v1.1.for Farming Simulator 2017
Today, I present the two mowers Kuhn FC313F and FC883 from 
GIANTS software for the agricultural simulator 17.

The following has been changed:
As clean as possible converted into the LS 17
Converted to the new LS 17 light system (lights are reflected on objects)
Shine to approximately the level of LS 17
Some small adjustments to the animations
Size of the files as best it goes without quality loss is reduced
On February 14, the new Kuhn DLC will be released for the agricultural simulator. Besides a lot of interesting equipment,
 it will also include a rear mower. For some of you certainly a reason to look for a suitable front mower. 
Since I have found nothing but the one Modmeisterwerk (that unfortunately did not work) nothing, 
I have times times ne night dranges and it for you shorthand converted itself. In contrast to the 15 version,
 the FC313F can now be folded into the transport position and the FC883 can be lifted a whole corner further,
 so that you do not hang on every little hill with it.
Trailer FS 17
FC313F FC883

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