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Blu-Jet AT3000 v2.0 for FS17

25 October 2018 admin 471 0
Tested version:
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Version - 1.5.x
Credits: - JHHG Modding, MF Modding
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Description about Blu-Jet AT3000 v2.0 for FS17:

Blu-Jet AT3000 v2.0 for FS17 | Farming Simulator 2017 game.

Features mod:

- Dynamic Hoses
- New wheels with custom speculars and proper tireTracks
- Optional rims color
- Optional tanks color
- Optional back lightbar
- Optional Blu-Jet stickers
- All new, real Decals
- Scripted all hydraulic cylinders
- Added rotation on component joints
- Flexable wings
- Added lights and turnlights (very detalied textures and coronas)
- Rescaled (1:1 Row Crop)
- Scripted all moving parts
- Scripted gauge for fill level - New Particles animations!

Credits for original model going to: MF Modding
* Credits for edit: JHHG Modding FS17

Tested on game version 1.5.x

Trailer FS 17

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