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Buckrake v1 for Fs17

23 November 2016 Traktorist 1 016 0
Tested version:
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Version - 1.3.0
Credits: - Oscar Mods. Giants
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Description about Buckrake v1 for Fs17:

Buckrake v1 for Farming Simulator 2017

Note from the Author:

This is a mod of the Lizard silage fork from ingame which I have made into a leveler.
It will work on a loader or on the 3 point linkage of a tractor.
It folds for transport and works exactly the same as the Holras leveler.
You cannot use this as a fork to load trailers etc but it looks good when pushing grass or chaff in the clamp.

I have had it in game and it works fine on joystick with settings


AXIS_HYDRAULICATTACHER1 axis=”AXIS_5″ invert=”true” (forward-backward)
AXIS_HYDRAULICATTACHER2 axis=”AXIS_1″ invert=”false” (left-right)


Hope you all enjoy when silage season comes round.

Trailer FS 17

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