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Los Grandes Terrenos 2017 Map v1.0.9 for FS 17

5 January 2017 admin 1 021 0
Tested version:
1.3.0, 1.3.1
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Category - Maps FS 17
Version - 1.3.0, 1.3.1
Credits: - Lobezno y Libre
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Description about Los Grandes Terrenos 2017 Map v1.0.9 for FS 17:

Los Grandes Terrenos 2017 Map v1.0.6 for Farming Simulator 17 game.


In this new version all the errors have been corrected so the map is 99.9% error free (does not remove any).
Three new features have been added:
1. Milk collection in the area of the cows. And its selling point located in the dairy in its inner part.
2. Refinery of fuel with deposit of great capacity.
3. Soybean milk factory.
Farm entry / exit barriers, BGA and points of sale have been replaced. Most spurious errors.
Mods needed on file: MODS.TXT


Cow mixer has been added in your area.
Seed and fertilizer creators have been added on the farm.


Modified BGA due to silos bugs that were not recognized by the game. The silo number 5 has been moved and expanded to a size of 5x. Increased capacity of liquid manure tank
Created door in the BGA that communicates with the area of the cows and sheep.
Replaced sliding barriers by double bar barriers.
Pending for the next update of more errors, they are working on them.
If they find a bug, report it by private message
Thank you very much and enjoy it.


Tested on game version 1.3.0, 1.3.1

Gameplay Video #1 Trailer FS 17

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