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Andis Map v1.0.0.6 for FS 17

16 March 2017 admin 677 0
Tested version:
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Category - Maps FS 17
Version - 1.4.x
Credits: - Andi
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Description about Andis Map v1.0.0.6 for FS 17:

Andis Map v1.0.0.6 for Farming Simulator 17 game.


Standard map expansion
Model: Andi
Texture: Andi
Script: from various people
Idea / Concept: Andi
Tester: team from close to real
Other: I would like to thank all of the modders I have installed the objects and scripts


Version 1.006
- There were bugs fixed throughout the map flying trees and houses
- The silo has also been fixed at the cow farm
- It was added to the traffic outside
- A liquid fertilizer warehouse was installed on the main yard


Tested on game version 1.4.2, 1.4.4

Trailer FS 17
Andis Map v1 for FS 17

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