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Tannenberg Map v2.0 for FS 17

1 April 2017 admin 907 0
Tested version:
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Description about Tannenberg Map v2.0 for FS 17:

Tannenberg Map v2.0 for Farming Simulator 17 game.


Change list V2.0:

- New gameplay absolutely necessary!
- Tanneberg slightly enlarged
- New improved PDA-MiniMap
- Sojamilch-Produktion -> Milk Sales Agrarvis
- biodiesel production + storage at the farm (input: rape and sunflower, fuel for the factories)
- vineyard and winery fixed installed --- sale net by registration of the fruits stands with the net wheat, sunbushes ... please
The description of Susi25.
- Seed, liquid fertilizer and fertilizer production - sale Gartencenter / GetreideAG-Cargo
- In all factories with liquidTrigger the OverloadPipe blocked (KottenUniversal of the Andy)
-Getreide AG (sales point) + large warehouse for "loose material"
-a further area for placeable objects
A further field (field 15)
-a further cradle
-TorTrigger changed at some gates (1 click open / close)
-Water texture changed, thanks to WEE5T for the help
Seed Trigger Installed (Agrarvia, Baywa)
-TipColi at various buildings, not at all !!
-Ablade courtyard changed (in the hall)
-Ablade pigs changed (FarmSiloSystem)
-Regale installed for attachments (yard, BGA, sawmill ...)
-Bretterverkauf gefixt, an additional built-in at the BayWa but there is less money, as closer to it
-div. Flight pans and small details
- Railroad tracks animated
-Config workshop added to the farm
Ball Bearings on CompostMaster
- some animated gates exchanged / installed
Pallet collectors
-Compost consumption, weight-reduced
-MultiplayerWarnings should be gone
- Smaller conversions at factories (PlayerTrigger increases, etc. - Sawmill now also needs diesel / biodiesel)


Changed list V1.1
- Compostmaster, sale at the garden center
- Cow shed goes clean, scaled up
- shortGrass
- FertilizerTrigger installed (Agrarvia, Baywa)
- unloading pigs, output on the stable silo with small hanger possible (e.g., Mettaltech)
- Gate fixed in sheep
- Windrows fixed
- Various boats / shop brought to the floor
- Hill on field 12 weggebaggert
- seed texture on field1 (game start)
- TipColi in "old" beetroot / potato dish on farm
- some more detail and trees

A big thanks to wee5T and his team for testing !!
(Livestream of the Tanneberg on 27.01.2017

Please use the Origanal DownloadLink !!
Please use the original downloadlink !!!!

Some of you already know the map from the 15s.
Since they have after all played some, I did not want to hide from you the LS17 ...

The size of the map includes about something more like 1/4 of origanal size ..
He is built rather for the single player but I think suitable for 2-3 players.
The map was constructed according to my ideas, and I hope that you like it!
Playable it is in any case, only I had to try because I have no one alone ...

The milk can to 00:00, right on the barn, picked up by the appropriate means of transport and in the
Agrarvis be sold and the famous sawmill is also back again ...
The old pig there is no longer, but the original ones :)
Fields are unfortunately once again become partially square to owe field missions: /
Because there are so many mods placeable and also original objects, I do not know whether I such verbaue again,
unless the demand is great. :)
I hope I was able to keep flair from the old version!

I would like to thank, of course, with the modders for the great job !!
If someone finds here again, then he should contact me if I / they have forgotten him.

there are on the map, in addition to the standard features:
-something accommodate Placeable objects
- 3 outlets
- 2 water supply points (free and farther away from the farm), affordable water is available directly at the court)
- On Collision in the fields I have omitted, but this is ok !?
- 14 fields (purchasable with missions) and min. 3 meadows

-Kotte Universal (slurry storage, milk, etc.)

So now I wish you much fun to play.
Sincerely: ruffrider



Tested on game version 1.4.0, 1.4.2

Gameplay Video #1 Trailer FS 17

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