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Vall Farmer Multifruits Map v4.0 for FS 17

4 April 2017 admin 1 141 0
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Category - Maps FS 17
Version - 1.4.x
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Description about Vall Farmer Multifruits Map v4.0 for FS 17:

Vall Farmer Multifruits Map v4.0 for Farming Simulator 17 game.


Changes in v4.0:

- unknown changes


Changes in v3.0:

Addition of barriers to sheep, cows and pigs.
* Replacing the machine for total mixing, now it manufactures TMR (total ration mix)
* Replacement of animal troughs as they tended to climb in.
* Lamppost at the compost factory + replacement of the unloading trigger.
* A washing area installed on the main farm.
* Digital meters have been installed on the three storage sites (farms).
* The unloading capacity at the compost plant is revised upwards to 100,000.
* At the sawmill also increase chip triggers and fuel that have gone up to 20000.
* The sale of milk has changed place, it is no longer done at mary's farm but in Rungis, a tank has been installed there.
* In the greenhouses and the building that are located nearby.
   -Racks are installed in the building to store the pallets.
   - storage areas have been added in front of this building.
   -a machine to put the onions in pallox installed in order to enhance this production.
   -Greenhouses development of a compost storage site.


Last modifications and corrections:
Icons PDA fixer stokage silos fix (before doubling x2 stoks) + various details

Modifications and corrections:
Portico-crane sawing and silo fixing, counters greenhouses fixing, silos fertilizer fixing, sound animation fixing, various detail fixing.


Map fs 17 completely redone from the original goldcrest valley.
56 fields, a main farm, two annex farmhouses,
Standart crops newest fruits: oat, oats, triticale, epeaudre, rye, millet
Sawmill, pallet factory, pallet greenhouse, fermenti silo, tmr and ration preparer, compost master, sojamilch ...
Miscellaneous animation install: eagle, boat, dog, cat and horses animate
Thank you to all those who will recognize one of their realization.
Thank you to jim 08 for the map preview.
And thank you a dragon 500 for log corrections new fruits sales animations etc ...
Log without errors +++

Very good games for everyone ....


Tested on game version 1.4.0, 1.4.2

Trailer FS 17

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