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Basic Map v1.1 for FS 17

29 October 2016 admin 1 235 1
Tested version:
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Credits: - Stullenandy
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Description about Basic Map v1.1 for FS 17:

Basic Map v1.1 for Farming Simulator 17 game.


I have times the farm made of the Goldcrest Vally and transforming it into a beautiful I think. You can now find the cows there. I still continue but I tinker the first Verion parts ever with you.
What do you benötiugt: The Mod FS17_shedPackage and FS17_fendtHarvesterPackage, must be in the folder Mod.
These two mods can be found on the Official destinations Mod page of Giants.
I have the Start Vehicles angpast. Since I am a player who already want to do something at the very beginning.
There are a few devices it .... But in the context. Something has to save you even more .....
Enjoy you, Hope you like it.


Version 1.1

changed the spawn location from the shop to the farm when you reset your vehicles


Tested on game version 1.2.1

Trailer FS 17
Basic Map v1 for FS 17

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    30 October 2016 02:16
    + +2 -


    This map is noway

    - arm is too full, on each other. Too small.

    - Lagy
    - Door don`t open of half open.

    - Farm its self to smaal ash on orginal basic map.


    Yess way is beter.

    # Farm it self 2 x xxl large .

    - one site all Buildings for tractor, combine ect ect.
    - Door automatic Open and clossed.

    - One site All stable cow, pigs, sheeps, ect. 
    - Train stop on farm it self where a better option. Make rails to farm and stop  voor work ect.
    - Sillos Other site, alle sillos types. Whit Digital infoboard how manny valut in or Emty.
    - Name plate(nocollcion)  hay strazw ect ect, whit a photo type can unload.

    - Wind terbine whit light place it, whit on farm Digital infoboard how manny megawatt sell out and total in a year(years)
    - Farm Around the farm a large Fence, with gates open and close, Automatic. at 12 different in and out of Street and fields.

    - One site XXL parking for reset all to that spot. XXL parking .

    - Location for a Farm is best close to te river, for take direct water to cows ect. automatic fill in water tank, so less work, to do.

    - Sheep woll automatic crane This all under a large shed place until it is full.
    - Option 1 directly sell button. Less money to sell from the farm.
    - Option 2 Load all balls woll, and bring after the shop, factory earn more money.
    (Very good option automates crane, so flat woll move is. And not blocked until someone gets away.
    - For reduce lag by Light scourse in all  buildings and farm its self automatic on and off .

    - Entrance to the farm from main road there to put down big arc plate.
    Welcome to the farm (name) edit by players.
    and one particular board on farmhouse or animals.
    - Marrie farm Closer to our farm let say other side from the field 29. or end from big street near tunel 

    Consider the mods of LS15 creators west bridhe forest final V4.
    Those are good map makers, nicely game farm and environment.
    Here you can learn a lot from how a farm dynamise looks. much room for so small no scope for long and wide tools.

    Still much work to your folder. Thus, as is now. No point.

    Good luck whit modding for you and all modders I am hope one of the best maps to play, so ash above listed.
    I am love  west bridge forest modders  one of the best modders and beauty maps makers evers.


    cheers Natasja