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Beaver Creek V1B Map by Stevie for FS 17

1 December 2017 admin 1 255 0
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Description about Beaver Creek V1B Map by Stevie for FS 17:

Beaver Creek V1B Map by Stevie for Farming Simulator 17 game.

Start a new game with this update, key map components have been updated or modified and require this. Delete any old map version from your mods folder and place the new downloaded map update zip into your mods folder, start up the game, delete any old saves, select a new slot and then the map.

Main update features:
Updated Snow mask, tip collision and ground collision for the map.
Updated cow nav mesh,
Updated foliage channels and settings.
Sugar cane re-growth fixed and growth rate increased.
Textures tweaked for deco grass.
Dirt lanes added at the user's request.
Guard rails and yard detailing at Jeebs adjusted.
Farm lake detailed as it was missed.
More detailing added into the map.
A few more object models added into the map.
The maps performance has been increased further. Note this map still requires a top end graphics card it was optimised for Nvidia GTX 980 and 1080 cards.
There's more as usual but you will not notice.

Many thanks to the FB users who helped test the map.

Donation link:

Tested on game version v1.5.1
Gameplay Video #1 Trailer FS 17

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