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Village Molokovo Map (Село Молоково) v0.1.8.2 for FS 17

5 December 2017 admin 795 0
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Category - Maps FS 17
Version - 1.5.1
Credits: - KonstantinVU
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Description about Village Molokovo Map (Село Молоково) v0.1.8.2 for FS 17:

Village Molokovo Map (Село Молоково) v0.1.8.2 for Farming Simulator 17 game.

Russian map "Village Molokovo" in Farming Simulator 17 was created based on the locality of the same name in the Leninsky district of the Moscow region. This name of the village is not related to milk, as you probably thought. The village received a modern name in honor of the native of these places, Vasily Milokov, a well-known polar pilot, who rescued the Chelyuskin people and a participant in the air expeditions to the North Pole.

Dear Farmer!

Administration of the village Molokovo in Farmer Simulator 17 asks for your help. The fact is that not so long ago the chairman of our agro-industrial complex disappeared. Looking for firefighters, Looking for militia, Looking for photographers In our capital, Looking for a long time, But they can not find ... in general, a bad person left in an unknown direction, taking with him all the money.

Since there was no unified leadership, the enterprises of the district switched to full self-government, and the shareholders and shareholders of the agricultural association took away the vacant land plots in the property. Of course, the unceremonious division of property was stopped, but much is already lost.

But there is good news. We managed to keep the technical park with a small amount of equipment, which should be enough for you at first. In addition, the elevator-granary (TOC) and the storage of root crops, where you can store the harvest before its sale, still operate. The railway operates partially, but thanks to trains it is possible to transport and sell a large volume of products.

The nearest forestry on the map of the village of Molokovo, although privately owned, but kindly provides an opportunity to store chips, and is ready to purchase wood without intermediaries. By the way, the owners of the leshoz have allocated a small plot of land beyond the river, which you can use at your discretion, but first you need to restore order there. And most importantly, a modest contribution to the future from the administration of the map - field number 1 and the permission to plow meadows for agricultural needs.

Also, do not forget about livestock. The nearest livestock complex is ready for mutually beneficial cooperation. Deliver animals and will receive natural fertilizers and healthy goods. And yes ... cows, sheep and pigs also need care and care. By the way, somewhere in the old cowshed area there is an old pasture, you can use it at your discretion.

* All coincidences with reality are completely random

Changes in v0.1.8.2:
- Snow bashka will get, absolutely cold you will be! The map is adapted for season mode. The ssSnow layer is registered. Snow falls only where it is supposed to, and where it is not allowed to fall, you can hide bales of hay for the winter.
- Universal justice is restored. The combine now leaves behind itself a thin layer of substance during harvesting. Working with a cultivator on stubble is now fun and productive. The map is adapted for the Chopped Straw mod.
- Fixed bugs with collisions of gates, boxes and other useless, but atmospheric objects. Thanks to everyone who got stuck in all the holes, where the average player does not even think to stick.
"The damned weevil has not devoured everything, but in some places has gnawed the grass." Now when combining the fields only the most harmful weeds will stick out.
- The Russian earth, exploded by plows overseas (and not only), it became a bit more even. Now the combine will be easier to work on the combined fields. However, some trees are in the air if you already have a save on this map.

Tested on game version 1.5.1
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