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Broxton Map v4.0 for FS 17

19 December 2017 admin 1 005 0
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Category - Maps FS 17
Version - 1.5.1
Credits: - KMW
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Description about Broxton Map v4.0 for FS 17:

Broxton Map v4.0 for Farming Simulator 17 game.
Based on 70's Broxton/Duckington area in S.W. Cheshire, England, there's a variety of fields that can be managed as they are, or with a bit of work many of them can be re-shaped, expanded or joined together into bigger fields;
Choose from a number of farms & yards, & many sell points.
Oh, and there's the occasional stray sheep too, so drive carefully.
Includes compatibility with Chopped Straw mod by webalizer and Seasons mod by Realismus Modding.

Changelog ver
Different starter fields and equipment depending on difficulty level chosen.
32/64 multidirectional field furrows.
Added small starter farmyard area, amended some field sizes & added more removable hedges for those who like to start small and expand their farm.
New Improved removable hedges - they now contain other objects such as barbed wire, bushes & trees. Just look for the cuttable tree or post within the hedge and cut it with chainsaw.
Purchasable farms! Now you must buy the plot to remove the for sale signs (farms owned vary accordng to difficulty level).
Seeds & fertilizer no longer purchasable on the farms - can be bought directly at shops and stored in the farm silos.
Fuel must be bought at gas station - can be stored on the farm using fuel tank trailer.
Added Brussel Sprouts & Broad Beans - for storage in heaps only. Uses combine type cutters.
Added Chopped straw function for Brussels & Broad Beans. No straw for these two crops, but chopped vegetation will be emitted if the mod is present. This can be ploughed/cultivated back in as fertilizer.
Repaired some faulty/missing fences & faulty crop textures.
Improved some areas for placeable objects.
NPC farmers will now use all additional crops.
Still fully compatible with Seasons mod, Improved snowmask and water planes. Some water levels vary by season, be careful crossing the brook ford in Winter, you might get stuck!
Added more trees, grass & decoration.
Changelog ver
Fixed floating objects (car, bushes and barbed wire in Duckington area)
Fixed pig mud texture placement
Added trees on Bickerton Hill and other areas
Fixed textures in entrance of field 34
Fixed water plane in pond above Bank farm
Added removable hedges & trees in Tilston road, Bickerton road, & Hampton area
Added more hedges, fences & trees in various locations
Altered Bank farm to provide more hardstanding for placeables
Improved snowmask for Seasons mod
Added ice surfaces, varying water planes & mud planes for Seasons mod - free water not available when frozen & some ditches dry up in Summer
Changelog v2.0:
Added five crop types using Blacksheep's Additional Map Types - Oat, Rye, Spelt, Triticale, Millet
Added Chopped Straw compatibility to the new crops
Added Biogas features
fixed missing eggs
chicken nav mesh amended/improved
cow mesh amended - extra cow field added.
Added cattle crossing and signs
Added water tank at pig farm
Added working food & water troughs in North sheep field
decoration improvements to some off road tracks & roadside verges
Added new removable hedges between many fields - use chain saw and stump cutter to remove unwanted hedges as well as trees.
Map updated to show removable hedges
fixed faulty road markings
fixed all animal bale triggers
fixed faulty texture on water tank at Clutton farm 
Tested on game version 1.5.1
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