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River Pine Acres Map v2.0 for FS 17

24 January 2018 admin 821 0
Tested version:
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Category - Maps FS 17
Version - 1.5.x
Credits: - Priceless Modding
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Description about River Pine Acres Map v2.0 for FS 17:

River Pine Acres Map v2.0 for Farming Simulator 17 game.

Changes in v2.0:
I have taken River Pine Acres and made some changes that I believe will improve this great map.  Some things to see are a new storage facility for all of your produced goods, signs to help to distinguish the many factories scattered across the map, fencing for a more realistic farming community, new season mod ready, a little less mud for better maneuverability, and a few less trees to help improve the frame rate and visibility.  I hope you enjoy.

River Pine Acres is a fictional area that consist of the following:
20 Fields (Sizes ranging from 1.5ha to 10.2ha)
3 Farms (2 Main Farms, 1 Animal Farm)
Orchards (Apple, Orange, Plum, Pear, Cherry)
Greenhouses (Tomato, Strawberry, Cabbage, Lettuce, Raspberry, Cauliflower)
Forest Areas (2 Main Forest will tons of trees)
16 Sell Points
Standard Crops Plus Rye, Oat, Millet, Spelt, Triticale (All used in Production)
Season Mod Ready with Snow mask
Mud Mod installed and alot of it

Production of Products such as:
Washed Potatoes, Meat, Sausage, Sugar, Molasses, Compost, Flavored Vodka, Pallets, Wood-chips, Moonshine, Pig Food, TMR, Birdseed, Seed, Liquid Fertilizer, Flour, Fertilizer, Salad, Cooking Oil, French Fries, Potato Chips, Sacked Potatoes, Fuel, Cake, Bread, Boards, Barrels, Yogurt, Cheese, Butter, Sour-cream, and Wood-boxes

No field missions, no traffic, and no gold coin challenge on this map. Sorry.

Required Mods include:
Kotte Universal Pack
Kastor Trailers
Stop Milk Sales

Tested on game version 1.5.x
Gameplay Video #1 Gameplay Video #2 Trailer FS 17

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