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Steinburg Map v1.0 for FS 17

28 June 2018 admin 467 0
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Version - 1.5.x
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Description about Steinburg Map v1.0 for FS 17:

Steinburg Map v1.0 for Farming Simulator 17 game.

This map was created according to my individual ideas and inclinations.
In particular, the terrain and the associated road management must be suitable for everyday use with me.
I mean no unrealistic gradients.
It should be clear to everyone that a map of the objects the modders or Giants have created "lives".
No map farmer can say that he has created all the objects he has installed.
That's why I want to thank all the modders whose objects I have installed.
A naming takes place separately in the credits as far as I know.

The following mods must be in the mod folder:">LelyJuno100:">Bale warehouse:

To the map:
Why a quadruple map quite simply I like to play with large device.
This map is based on Hochbauers empty Quadruple Map.
I tried to design it as a quad-map with Coursplay for single-player playable.
With the size of the map Mapbau limits are set, meaning it is not all that is available to objects must also be installed.
Two areas have been designated as a buyable business park for medium-sized companies, meaning space for placeable objects.

Game mode:
In order to achieve the full function of the farm, the storage of fuel, fertilizer and seeds must be filled.
The fuel must be purchased with a suitable trailer (Kotte Pack v. Farmer-Andy) at the fuel warehouse.
The fertilizer must first be prduziert this geschete example. In the soymilk factory there you will also get fertilizer as a by-product in addition to milk and pig feed.
However, the functional readiness of the soy milk factory must first be established to do so at the beginning of the game a trailer with soybeans
to the Vfg. The fertilizer can be loaded and transported with each trailer.

The same principle applies to the sewage treatment plant and the sugar factory.
In the sewage treatment plant, manure is enough to obtain Fertilizer, Compost and Liquid Fertilizer.
In the sugar factory you get for water and sugar beet or cane Fertilizer and Forage and sugar you can sell these at certain points of sale for good money.

To activate the SeedMaster you need mixed grain and liquid fertilizer.
You will get this against payment at the outlets BILLINGER, RAIFFEISEN, AGRAVIS.
The RAIFFEISEN station also accepts liquid fertilizer for good money. You do not need it.
The farm's own fermentation station also supplies liquid fertilizer as a by-product.
Potato and sugarbeet can be dumped in the stock of Erdfrüchte, but this must first be purchased.

You start with a feasible fleet, does not mean too much, but not too little.

At the beginning of the game you have five fields (1,2,5,6,10) ready to harvest, a total of 19 fields are available from 7ha to about 100ha.
Regarding the size and shape of the fields, field missions were excluded except for field 15.

Sold at:
There are the following sales offices (Agravis, Raiffeisen, sugar factory, Netto, Edeka, Burgbrauerei, Cooperative Horst, port, Billinger, hardware store, sawmill) to Vfg.

Gold Nuggets:
A pot of gold is also hidden because the search is not very easy I have deposited up to five, all nuggets together in an old mine tunnel.

Egg sale:
The eggs can be sold on Reiffeisen.

It can be sold straw at the bale car circus and the cattle dealer.

There is a water point directly at the farm pond, construction site near the soy milk factory and the sugar factory.

In order to start generating some start-up capital, it is possible to fell trees with a harvester and to feed them directly into the pond via a slide.
The harvester, however, must first be purchased but in the long run a worthwhile acquisition.
The sawmill produces sawn timber on pallets as well as wood chips, which can either be sold in the sawmill or used for further processing in the sawmill
Pallet factory are unloaded from this Europaletten which can be sold in the hardware store for a good price.
The resulting woodchips can also be sold in the hardware store, but the proceeds are much lower there than in the construction industry.
It can also be produced on the wood chipper wood chips to then sell them.

In the BGA, you can produce silage in a conventional way, ie dump suitable material into the drive-through silos, compact it and cover it with eggs.
After a while, you'll get silage and you'll dump it in the SiloKing.
Excess silage from your farm fermenter can also be unloaded here.

the milk from the farm is picked up automatically the milk from the soy production can be sold at Netto or Edeka.

Tested on game version 1.5.x

Trailer FS 17

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