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Langenfeld Map v1.0 for Fs17

12 November 2016 Traktorist 1 851 0
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Category - Maps FS 17
Version - 1.2.1
Credits: - bestmods
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Description about Langenfeld Map v1.0 for Fs17:

Langenfeld Map v1.0 for Farming Simulator 2017

Note from the Author(s):

Hello Fs Community,

I am very happy to present you the map today!
Langenfeld has been one of the most popular maps since the Landwirtschaftssimulator 2013 ... so I decided to make the Langenfeld Map compatible with the agricultural simulator 17. So, since the release of the LS 17, work has been done with high pressure and perfection on the Langenfeld Map to save you a long wait.

Welcome to your new farm in Langenfeld.
Langenfeld is a municipality in the district of Neustadt
Is a member of the administrative community
Light field.

To the map:
It is a rather small, idyllic map and it has no huge fields on which one is busy several hours.
In Langenfeld the focus in animals is more on cow keeping and less on pigs and sheep, for this reason I deleted them completely.
On the map, you will find a main house and two outbuildings, which can serve as deposits or vehicle accommodation.
Furthermore, there are two small villages and two traders to which you can supply your grain and soil fruits.
In addition there is a small biogas plant, which you can operate.
The map has been designed with a lot of details to make you play a nice game.
There are 41 fields and 2 forests.

The map has been extensively tested and has no log errors or the like.
There is only one log error caused by the windmills.
However, this bug is fixed with an attached file, so please unzip the zip file and follow the instructions to avoid errors.
But no other mods are required.

I hope you like the map and leave a positive feedback.
If you have any further wishes or suggestions for improvement, please contact me or write them in the comments.

Now, have fun in Langenfeld and I wish you good luck with your new company.
Your bestmods

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Please keep the original download link and watch the hard work!

Map: bestmods (Me)

Windmills: Manuel
Country: Eifok
Roads: Fatian
Signs: Nick98.1
Fencing: Willi103
Empty map: Nerd01
BayWa Dealer: KundS Modding
Hay storage: trough
Houses: DerModtesterJR
Country: NI Modding
Raiffeisen: DDS-MODDING
BGA Objects: Romank
Trees: Maxter

Hallen: The720PowerHD,Johni989,Katsuo,Xentro

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