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Auenbach Map v2.2 for FS 17

18 November 2016 admin 995 0
Tested version:
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Category - Maps FS 17
Version - 1.3.0
Credits: - Chefkoch_LS2011
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Description about Auenbach Map v2.2 for FS 17:

Auenbach Map v2.2 for Farming Simulator 17 game.


ChangeLog v2.2
- Credits list expanded
- Texture problem solved with the Grasswurst!
- The helper should now work properly on all fields
- Missions points for fields 4 and 5 revised
- The cowshed must be emptied now!
- Start vehicles modified
- The Kuhtrog now likes Grassballen :)
- Completely new Terainlayer created including fields, Grass u.s.w 8 |
- Nuggets redistributed (was too easy!)
- CCM added to the BGA (Requires CCM Mod!)
- Various cosmetics
- PDA Map revised
- particles on the silo


Changes v2.1:
- Trigger for liquid fertilizer is missing - fixed!
- Fruit goes through BGA / hall walls - fixed!
- Signs added to seed and co
- Marker added to seed and Co
- Cow marker fixed
- Chopped Straw installed (function mode needed!) Available with Modhub!)
- Floating trees fixed
- Sheep trigger checked (tipping with loading wagons possible if you are right in front of it!)
- Gap in the waterplane fixed on the brook
- Sunflower texture swapped
- Grass from the streets
- Field 5 Job Area enlarged
- Door trigger reworked
- Tanktrigger reworked, now only 1 tank symbol on the PDA
- Diverse things fixed, shifted, more beautifully made.


Tested on game version 1.3.0

Trailer FS 17

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