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Sojamilch production GE and placeable 1.0.3 for Fs17

15 February 2017 Traktorist 1 005 0
Tested version:
1.4.0, 1.4.2
Download links
Version - 1.4.0, 1.4.2
Credits: - slowtide63
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Description about Sojamilch production GE and placeable 1.0.3 for Fs17:

Sojamilch production GE and placeable 1.0.3 for Farming Simulator 2017


- Delivery of raw materials (from 00:00 - 12:00):
- The following products are produced (from 07:00 to 19:00):
Milk (can be sold at MilchTrigger viewtopic.php? F = 204 & t = 5227)
Pork chow
- Display panel:
It is possible to switch between the goods receipt and the goods issue (left mouse button), if one is before the display.
Opening hours Open / Close (Outside of the respective opening hours, no deliveries and pick-ups are possible).
Display whether the production is active.
- Lighting:
The day-night light function is installed
- Animations:
Inside the factory there is a production animation in the water basin, when the production is active
Doors open and close automatically at the respective opening times
- Others:
Through the emergency exit you can always escape from the building, once all doors are closed and you are in the building.
OverloadPipe for the Kotte-Universalpack by Farmer_Andy are installed.
An installation manual with all required modDesc.xml entries is enclosed as a document (slow_soja.txt). The paths to be adapted are also indicated there.
Alternatively, there is the placeable version for those who can not cope with the Giants editor. With this version you have to do without some functions, because it is not possible at the moment to script-technically.

New Version 1.0.3: 
- Display suitable for Dedi, latest scripts
Trailer FS 17

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