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Kobelco Excavator Pack v1.0 for Fs17

27 April 2017 Traktorist 1 325 0
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Description about Kobelco Excavator Pack v1.0 for Fs17:

Kobelco Excavator Pack v1.0 for Farming Simulator 2017

EN: Hello everyone, I present the Kobelco Pack in are Integrality for Farming Simulator 2017 

under a New Day, Thank you to Titi’s3D for the remodelization of the model with a more equivocal 

aspect to its old 3D aspect, Contrary to what j ‘Had done this model on FS15 in the version Abateuse, 

I reassigned the model under its true aspect in version Bucket 3 bodies, as well as an addition of a 

version 4 bucket bucket as well as a version with forest clamp. This model was born under the 

painting Kobelco SK 160 lc, but after wall reflection the model revises the day for FS17 under 4 

different paint all changeable on the 3 Model that you are Proposed, Fiat Kobelco E165, New Holland 

Kobelco E165, Kobelco SK160 Dynamic Acera and finally Kobelco SK160 Acera Geospec, 

The clamp version includes a front blade on the caterpillar deck allowing you to push if necessary 

your tree trunk on the flank, for the bucket version it accepts any type of grain (crop), with a 

capacity of 3500 L, bucket tilting according to your work or work spot, A function Engine speed is 

presented by the key B, allowing you to put your gear at its full engine speed, its speed is exager 

for a tracked model but it Will allow to reach the speed of 15 Km / h, on each model includes 

5 camera to diversify the view and the way to see your simulation in another point of view. 

A forest grid is present on the 3 shovel with possibility of the removed or to add to you to see if it is useful to you or not,
Desc Kobelco:
Config Skin: Fiat Kobelco, New Holland Kobelco, Kobelco; Dynamic Acere and Acera Geospec
Config Color Skid
Motor: 165Hp
Max Speed 15 Km / h
Light with Beam
Shovel or Claw
Mouse Control with Icon
5 Cameras
Exaust Particule with smoke
Turned On Engine speed
No Tabbable
Mass: 15
Price: 55,000
Category: L’Affreux Moddeur

Model: Kobelco Model by Geri-G / BigFarmer145 Demolition Company 3D Modeling by Titi’s 3D 

Script: NewExaust by Modelleicher Add-on by Ifko Sounds: Original by BigFarmer145

Trailer FS 17

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