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31 July 2017 DEMONBOBR 811 0
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Version - 1.4.x
Credits: - GtX (LS-MODCOMPANY)
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Description about PICKUP TRIPLE PACK V1.0:

Three separate pickups that have now been made useful on the farm. All versions have adjustable mirrors, 2 x interior types and option to fit Interactive Controls.

Interactive Control: doors, windows, lights, inside light, hazard lights and start/stop engine. Door can be open from outside when IC is optioned.
1. Pickup Tipper - Can be used to transport all bulk products. Tipper has built in rams to tip tray and black crop cover. Rear door can be opened by hand.
2. Flatbed - Removable tray sides and rear from outside only, Option to install UAL Script. Can also carry Multi Liquide Tanker (available in store "misc"), sides and rear frames must be hand removed to attach tanker.
3. Flatbed Cage - Designed for use with small logs up to 2.5 meters. Option to install forestry UAL script. Doors can only be opened from outside.
4. Multi liquide tanker - Designed to be fitted to "Flatbed Pickup" only. If UAL is optioned on pickup it will not auto load when tank is attached.
Trailer FS 17

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