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6 August 2017 DEMONBOBR 663 0
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Version - 1.4.x
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Description about GAZON NEXT PACK V2.0:

A dumper based on Lawn-Next is used for the transportation and unloading of bulk cargo, building materials and agricultural products.
Operated on roads with hard and subsoil.

Molokovoz and a barrel to transport fuel, bought in a different section.

Everything gets dirty.
Animation of the instrument panel, mirrors, color selection, animation of the suspension, the log is clean.

V 2.0
Added 2 trailers for bulk cargo, with a load capacity of 4.500 and 5000 liters,
Also added a barrel for the transportation of water and milk,
Added lighting devices with appropriate duplicate indicators,
Slightly adjusted Lawn with a barrel, and then he had holes in the bottom of the barrel.

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* You can move mod on other forums just copy the whole thing.
Trailer FS 17

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