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Potato harvester + attachment v1.1 for Fs17

30 October 2016 Traktorist 4 515 0
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Description about Potato harvester + attachment v1.1 for Fs17:

Potato harvester + attachment v1.1 for Farming Simulator 2017


Note from the Author:

I have for you today again a new Mod and it is about the potato harvester with attachments.
  It has similarities with the sugar beet harvester of LS 17, since I do not really like the other potato harvester I and my brother

considered whether we can not modify the sugar beet machine also as potato harvester ...

The result is showing it working both parts objection ,

We have both mod parts in the game tested and the LOG is absolutely clean ...
As a small note the two mods are under the category sugar crops to be found but they run without

problems even the Particel are Identical so it will also be potatoes Displayed in the vehicle ...
[Color = # 0000BF] The mod consists of 2 Mod files the two were packed together therefore

1x times Finalpacken so you also get both files [/ color]
Now I wish you much fun with the new mod ...
Best regards

Trailer FS 17

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