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AgNF Speed v4.1.0.0 for Fs17

26 October 2016 Traktorist 877 0
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Description about AgNF Speed v4.1.0.0 for Fs17:

AgNF Speed v4.1.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2017

Note from the Author:

Here at is there a speed mod for 17. So you can run faster than normal, too good to come quickly over the map.

Mod control:
You can play using the normal keyboard numbers.

I hope everyone comes clearly to the controller.

Press 4 - Slightly faster than standard
Button 5 - Average speed
Button 6 - Extremely fast ^^
Button 0 - standard rate

For questions, bugs and suggestions of improvement like to send in the comments or message to me.



Script: traktor2406
Tester: traktor2406, Arreluk

Trailer FS 17

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