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Hard Working Oxen Mod v1.0 for FS 17

7 November 2016 admin 5 482 0
Tested version:
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Version - 1.2.1
Credits: - PILI
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Description about Hard Working Oxen Mod v1.0 for FS 17:

Hard Working Oxen Mod v1.0 for Farming Simulator 17 game.

Modders do not cease to delight us with funky fashions. Do you think the horse for FS 2017 is the most unusual events, and no. Catch «Hard Working Oxen». It bulls, or rather a pair of bulls that are harnessed to the same team, and with the help of which you can even cultivate the land in the game Farming Simulator 2017. You can tjagat trailers and other equipment.

Like horses, bulls do not move your feet during movement. Behind is a beautiful girl, and for the second bull sits a farmer who manages them.

sounds (oxen) = start/idle/run/stop/female voice horn/attach/+ 3 others sounds –
attach trailers/tools ect –
2 front light –
drivers FS17 – workers – female static – bird – fly

Tested on game version 1.2.1
Trailer FS 17

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