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Lamborgini Mach VRT Tuning v1.0 for Fs17

25 November 2016 Traktorist 662 0
Tested version:
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Version - 1.3.0
Credits: - Dbilas
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Description about Lamborgini Mach VRT Tuning v1.0 for Fs17:

Lamborgini Mach VRT Tuning v1.0 for Farming Simulator 2017

Note from the Author:

With the idea of ??the Mach VRT came time to help a little on the jumps.

So I am, driven on the dynamometer 3 weeks, with him and wrote new software for the Mach 250VRT.

This was already done after a few test runs but I wanted to not be satisfied. Stage1 291PS 63km / h


2 days ago I sat down again and ran built a larger loader, camshafts, larger intercooler,

2.5 “exhaust system, and then agreed to the test this again from. Stage2 356PS 66km / h


My power hungry but was still not satisfied and so I had to choose between the Mach 250 VRT

still further with a free motor control, again a larger loader, 3 “exhaust system, etc.

inflate or to follow the path to another new engine + gearbox .

Now that I have just received a verunfallten T9.565 purely then opted for this.

1 week ago began the renovation and I can tell you that was not without.

It had many parts themselves not be rebuilt as fit off the rack.

Getting the murder T9.565 under the have the Mach was a real Herrausvorderung but I did it and was proud

when the engine ran for the first time. Motor swap T9.565 575PS 85km / h


To distinguish between the different variations in the game, I have to insert the changeable color wheels.


- Engine Setup: 291 hp, 356 hp, 557 hp
- Wheels Setup: Standard Wheels, Wide Tires, Wheel Weights
- Frontloader Attacher
- Selectable Rim Color

Trailer FS 17

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