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KRAZ-refueler v2.0.0.0

5 August 2017 DEMONBOBR 487 0
Tested version:
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Category - Trucks FS 17
Version - 1.4.x
Credits: - Kpaz
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Description about KRAZ-refueler v2.0.0.0:

The basis was to take Kraz (with all the minuses and pluses of this fashion) and only converted into a KRAZ-refueler with seeds and fertilizer, seeders.
The truck's power is 243 (330) l / c. Max. The speed is 90 km / h.
When buying two engines to choose from and five types of wheels.
Animation of the instrument panel and the propshaft.
Animation suspension.
Trailing device.
Working lighting equipment.
Clean log.

Texture of dirt,
Added normals,
Edited texture,
Cleaned up debris,
Replaced sounds,
Edited physics,
Added mirrors,
color selection.
Trailer FS 17

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