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MAN TGS 6x / 8x / 10x-AR- as Pack v2.3 for FS 17

17 December 2017 admin 1 258 0
Tested version:
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Description about MAN TGS 6x / 8x / 10x-AR- as Pack v2.3 for FS 17:

MAN TGS 6x / 8x / 10x-AR- as Pack v2.3 for Farming Simulator 17 game.

Features truck:
- Mirrors
- Flashing Lights
- working lights
- The dust from the wheels
- Traces of wheels
- Dirt / Washable

Version 2.3
- Bugfixes
- Missing differential with 2-3er chassis inserted
- HKL attachment is now compatible with the rail trailer

What's in the pack:
Manufacturer: MAN
Chassis: 6x6 1-2, 8x8 2-2 and 1-3, 10x8 2-3
Purchase price Basic version: 192500 €
Daily costs: 415 €
Engine power: 440hp, 480hp, 520hp + 680hp "tuning engine"
Tank capacity: 400 liters
Selectable engine power
Various front bars
Selectable tires (road / agricultural / off-road tires with various rims)
Work light to the front and to the rear
Adaptive cornering light
License plate Script
Animated fittings (including current gear: D / N / R)
Fliegl Trailer:
Manufacturer: Fliegl
Chassis: Tandem trailer
Purchase price basic version: 25500 €
Daily costs: 255 €
Bendable drawbar
Steered rear axle
Fliegl ASW body + optional load compartment cover + optional manure spreader:
Manufacturer: Fliegl
Construction: ASW (+ optional load compartment cover), manure spreader
Purchase price Basic version: 192500 €
Daily costs: 250 €
Volume: 35000 liters
Selectable design (Fliegl green, Fliegl black)
Unloading via tailgate or grain shifter
Extra Configurations: Can be provided with a cargo hold cover or reconfigured to a manure spreader ***
By design color, the color of the tarpaulin can be selected
The manure spreader works with the helper
*** IMPORTANT: Reconfiguration from the ASW to the manure spreader or back should only be done when the structure is completely empty (except for the luggage compartment cover) !!
Kotte manure feeders:
Manufacturer: Kotte
Construction: Guarantor
Purchase price: 31500 €
Daily costs: 230 €
Volume: 22500 liters
Works with Courseplay
Zunhammer slurry tanker + Vibro + ZuniDisk:
Manufacturer: Zunhammer
Purchase price slurry tanker: 28500 €
Daily costs: 255 €
Volume: 22500 liters
Purchase price Vibro: 12000 €
Daily costs: 70 €
Purchase price ZuniDisk: 16500 €
Daily costs: 75 €
The helper works only if no slurry tanker is attached
Optional rear hydraulics for Zunhammer Vibro or ZuniDisk
Vibro and ZuniDisk with optional rotating beacon
The Vibro and the ZuniDisk are revised and included
Bredal Dungstreuer:
Manufacturer: Bredal
Construction: IT Runner substructure, Bredal spreader structure
Purchase price: 28500 €
Daily costs: 165 €
Volume: 19500 liters
The helper works
Selectable color for the base plate
Pallets with fertilizer can be placed at the front part (fixation with a tension belt)
Service structure:
Manufacturer: Lizard
Purchase price: 14500 €
Daily costs: 115 €
Selectable main color
Diesel, water, fertilizer (solid and liquid) and seeds can be charged directly

A hook lift construction will follow :)

Small, insignificant things on the edge:
There comes the error "Error: Can not load resource 'D: /LS17_mods/FS17_cAR_Pack_V1/dataS/scripts/vehicles/Vehicle.lua'", for whatever reason. The LS can not register the vehicles, but does it at the same time. For me it has no effect on the game. All vehicles work without problems.

Tested on game version v1.5.1
Gameplay Video #1 Gameplay Video #2 Trailer FS 17

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