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KamAZ-5320 Collective Farm Restyling v1.2.1 for FS 17

28 March 2018 admin 678 0
Tested version:
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Category - Trucks FS 17
Version - 1.5.x
Credits: - DANG, W_R, SHOOTER_059
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Description about KamAZ-5320 Collective Farm Restyling v1.2.1 for FS 17:

Russian truck KamAZ-5320 Collective Farm Restyling v1.2.1 for Farming Simulator 17 game.

Attention! When you buy in the store, it appears with the first body without boards (it does not affect the game and there are no mistakes behind it in the log) - it's eliminated by simply changing the body type to the "Z" key and everything is in its place.

Features truck:
- Power: 210 l / c, Speed: 100 km / h.
- Capacity of the body / trailer: 7000/10000/15000/18000/13000 liters.
- KamAZ-5320 has 4 engines to choose from, the color of the cab chosen, the towing device.
- Mirrors, soundproofing, animation of the dashboard, propeller shaft and mud flaps. Washable, Lighting.
- The painting, lighting equipment has been redesigned, the chassis has been modified (suspension), front discs have been replaced, the poker has been replaced and animated, the interior has been replaced (slightly), the sides on the 3rd body have been replaced and animated.
- Added more dangling parts.
- Dynamic exhaust.
- own interior
- own wheels
- Mirrors
- Flashing Lights
- working lights
- The dust from the wheels
- Traces of wheels
- Dirt / Washable
- detailed model

Changes in v1.2.1:
- Completely touched the model, corrected and put in place all the collisions.
- Removed (temporarily) additional engines (remained standard 740.10).
- Replaced the wheels and made deformation of the tires (soon there will be more kinds of wheels).
- I altered the physics of the model.
- Fixed all invisible errors for the log (now the combine works as expected, the barriers and doors react to the model).
- I corrected the visual jambs.
- Added a 6-m body tractor (with the semi-trailed gear on the "dashboard" the control lamp lights up).
- Fixed a farmer in the cabin (now holds what he needs).
"The archive has been cleaned of the trash."
- Shortened some mud flaps.
The door panels were tightened with "leatherette".

Tested on game version v1.5.x
Trailer FS 17

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